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May 23, 2016

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National Lucky Penny Day is celebrated each year on May 23rd.
“See a penny, pick it up… All day long you’ll have good luck.”
 When you are out and about, look on the ground for pennies, it just might be your lucky day!

Finding a penny and picking it up is a relatively new spin on an old superstition. Ancient cultures believed that metal was a gift from the gods given to man for protection against evil, and that may have developed into the idea that metal brings good luck. This particular belief may have also influenced the widely-held notion that hanging a horseshoe over a door frame can change a family’s fortunes, as well as the practice of wearing charm bracelets and carrying “good luck” coins.

The promise of wealth and power associated with money may also be an influence. Though pennies today are relatively minor in terms of actual value, this hasn’t always been the case; and, in any event, all savings have to start small. Some people believe that the penny good luck tradition came from times when pennies were worth more, and represented a start or change to monetary solvency.

Years ago a penny was actually able to buy something.  Most often remembered is the big section of candy at the store that sold for a penny a piece.  Today, due to inflation, the penny does not buy much if anything at all.  Changes in the price of metal commodity causes the metal value of pennies to exceed their face value.  There are many nations that have stopped minting equivalent value coins and efforts are being made to end the routine use of pennies in several countries including the United States.

1793 – The first pennies in the United States were made of copper.


See how many pennies you can find! Use #LuckyPennyDay to post on social media.



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