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Surprise Your Kids With A Free Disney Puzzle Printable! 

We’re that family.   The family that can find an appropriate Disney World quote for every situation, has hidden Mickey’s in their living room, and considered naming our youngest child “Gaston,” but I thought better of it. Yep, we’re all kind of crazy about a Disney World Vacation – absolutely the most magical place on earth!  So you can imagine our kid’s excitement, when I thought a scavenger hunt would be fun to find the hidden Disney Puzzle Printable pieces to reveal our next vacation ?  I’m sure the neighbors were thinking, they’re at it again.  A Kodak moment to be sure!  To surprise your kids with a trip of a lifetime, is – well let’s face it – parent-of-the-year award material!  No way would they ever be excited about going to Dollywood.  No spanx.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Dollywood, at least what I remember of it – that’s another story for another time.  The kids however, would rather ride Thunder Mountain and the Dumbo ride.  And did I mention the biggest Fred Flintsone Turkey leg you will ever see and taste?   I’ll take WYSIWYG back to Dollywood.  A Free Disney Puzzle Printable will get the excitement going.

Anyway, I found this great PIN on Pinterest (who does not love Pinterest!) to make a Disney World printable puzzle – glue to light cardboard like a cereal box for instance or card stock. Then cut out the pieces and hide them.  Send your kids on the scavenger hunt and see how fast they get this mystery figured out.  The instructions for creating are below.  Let the magic begin !

How to Make a ” We’re Going to Disney Puzzle Printable”

Download the Free Disney Puzzle Printable  We’re Going to Disney World Creative Puzzle template (look for more template choices under my FREEBIES menu tab). Print the template using your printer on a 8.5 x 11 sheet of white paper. For a bigger puzzle, print in landscape.

After printing it out, use a spray adhesive and attach the Disney World Trip Creative Puzzle to an empty cereal box (or something of similar size). This step is totally optional! While waiting for my pedicure, I cut out the pieces.  Mama multitasking is the name of that game, y’all!

Free Disney Puzzle Printable

Now if you are the OCD planner like me, sign up below to get your FREE 25 Essential Tips for Planning Your Next Trip To Disney World. Know before you go!  After 16 years of living in Florida, I have mastered the planning and execution of a trip to Disney World. 🙂

Checkout my FREEBIES menu above for more printable Disney World  Trip Creative Puzzle and the FREE Ultimate Packing List for packing for your trip !

Here’s to sand in your toes and sunshine on your face.

Free Disney Puzzle Printable

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    Great blog!

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    Great ! Thanks! Let me know if you have any travel questions about SWF that you might have.

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