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The Sandy Gardenia        I’m Jean, the gal behind The Sandy Gardenia. I’m a crafter and DIY enthusiast of a certain age, and I still have the afghans and cross stitch to prove it. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m a Domestic Goddess, but more of a happy homemaker. These days, I make different things — I make a home for myself and my husband in a little (tiny – really tiny) southern coastal town in Florida. My day job is a very successful Etsy shop THATSAFUNNY featuring handcrafted and embroidered items. I love monogramming and embroidery.  As they say in the south, anything that’s not moving is fair game for monogramming.  I also volunteer for a charity organization making quilts for kids in hospitals and others in need. Check it out – great organization and some incredibly talented gals in this group! It’s all about the kids folks!   I have set out now to discover this world of blogging, and hopefully and make you read about it all right here, wink wink.  I will feature many things from my personally handcrafted items to the best Southern cities to visit, treasured southern recipes, fun coastal DIY crafts, and Insider’s Guide to Attractions and Fun here in Florida, and lots of FREEBIES for everyone. I hope you will join me.

A little more about me: My southern roots run deep, I’m immensely patriotic and love my Georgia Bulldogs, a homemade banana pudding, being creative, inspiring others and spending time with my beautiful family. I like my tea sweet and my peanuts boiled.  I’ve never met a sale I didn’t like, and Y’all is the only pronoun we need.  I love more than anything to laugh and make others laugh.  I’m from beautiful southern town, Savannah, Georgia, lived in Germany, and traveled a bit.   For fun, now I live in and enjoy all that Florida has to offer with my husband WYSIWYG and our fat and unsociable kitty Boo Radley. I have three awesome children and six beautiful and incredibly funny grandchildren, who are the apple of my eye!  Since I live in Florida and my favorite flower is the Gardenia, therein lies my inspiration for this blog.  There is so much beauty and fun here in Florida and in the South, and hopefully sharing what I know and love will inspire you as well.  

Here’s to sand between your toes and sunshine on your face.   xoxo Y’all.

The Sandy Gardenia

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